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Final book hidden in Bay View: Join us for the Book Scavenger Family Book Discussion, August 15.

By MPL Staff on Aug 11, 2016 1:06 PM

The Monday, August 15th, family book discussion with activities based on Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman is almost here and our book scavenger hunt is coming to an end.  A final book was hidden in a Little Free Library, very near the Bay View Library.  

The book we hid is The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh, a super creepy story that shouldn’t be read at night (unless you're very brave!).  We placed it in a Little Free Library across the street from an abandoned school which shares a name with the street on which it is located.

I’ve heard the school is haunted so you might want to look for it during the day.  Here's is a picture of the historic school after it was almost destroyed by fire in 1910. It doesn’t look anything like that today. 

The book we hid last week, The Gold Bug and Other Stories by Edgar Allen Poe, has been found. But, if you're interested in reading The Gold Bug, a story that is important to the mystery in Book Scavenger, come to the discussion where more copies will be given away.

If you find The Crowfield Curse please report it found at  After you read the book, consider hiding it again so more people can take part in the scavenger hunt.  Sometimes the site takes a while to update, so if you don’t see it there at first, check back.  Happy hunting!  

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