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This is a list of tutoring services in the Milwaukee area compiled by Milwaukee Public Library. Books, videotapes, software and computers are available for adult learners and tutors at some city of Miilwaukee libraries. Software and videos for studying for the General Education Diploma (GED) and High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) are also available at many libraries. Tutoring services change often; call the agency directly for current information. Places in blue offer Homework Help. The list is organized by areas of the city and by ZIP codes.

Key to Subjects
ABE Adult Basic Education HSED High School Equivalency
BBS Bilingual Basic Skills HST High School Tutoring
CEE College Entrance Exam Prep JC Jobs curriculum
CS Computer Skills JP Job placement
CZ Citizenship JRA Job and Resume Assistance
DE Driver's Education M Mathematics
ELL English Language Learning R Reading
ESL English as a Second Language SC Science
FL Family Literacy SP Spanish
GED General Education Dev. cert. SS Social Studies
HH Homework Help WP Word Processing
HS High school diploma program WS Writing skills (includes spelling)

Locations: Downtown & East | North & West | South | Outside Milwaukee Co.

Downtown & East

North & West


Outside Milwaukee Co.