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Justice for All: Selected Writings of Lloyd A. Barbee

By MPL Staff on Oct 5, 2017 8:57 AM

Justice for All: Selected Writings of Lloyd A. Barbee with Daphne Barbee-Wooten
Thursday, October 12
6:30-8 pm
Centennial Hall, 733 N. Eighth St.
Loos Room

Civil rights leader and legislator Lloyd A. Barbee frequently signed his correspondence with “Justice for All,” a phrase that embodied his life’s work of fighting for equality and fairness. An attorney most remembered for the landmark case that desegregated Milwaukee Public Schools in 1972, Barbee stood up for justice throughout his career.

This collection features Barbee’s writings from the front lines of the civil rights movement, along with his reflections from later in life. The Wisconsin Historical Society Press book is presented by its editor, Barbee’s daughter Civil Rights Attorney Daphne E. Barbee -Wooten, first senior trial attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Hawaii and the 2014 winner of the NAACP Hawaii Chapter’s Lifetime Achievement award.

Books available for purchase by Woodland Pattern. Book signing following the talk.
Co-Sponsored by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press, Woodland Pattern, and March on Milwaukee 50th

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