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Milwaukee History Magazines Indexes

Indexes to local Milwaukee history magazines published by the Milwaukee County Historicial Society from 1941 to the present.

Access the 1941-1999 index

Access the 2000-2023 index

These indexes cover the local history publications of the Milwaukee County Historical Society (MCHS), including:

Historical Messenger (1941-1977)
Milwaukee History (1978-2007)
Milwaukee County History (2010-present)

The MCHS Historical Messenger and Milwaukee History, 1941-1999 Index represents an edited transcription of the MCHS-published print indexes  for Historical Messenger (1941-1977) and Milwaukee History (1978-1999).

Index entries from 1941-1999 have been entered in their entirety, although some editing has been done to combine obvious duplicate subject headungs, spell out some abbreviations, and generally improve the usability of this index. Ongoing work will include more such improvements, including adding additional exact page references for the 1983-1999 period, for which the original indexing offered only article-level references.

The MCHS Milwaukee History (2000-2007) and  Milwaukee County History (2010- ) Index is new indexing created by Milwaukee Public Library Humanities Room staff.

MPL Humanities staff will continue to index new issues of Milwaukee County History magazine, and our plan is that eventually the minimalist 2000 and later indexing will be deepened and combined with the 1941-1999 index to create a single, comprehensive index  to MCHS publications covering 1941 to the present.

The original print indexes covering 1941-1999 may be consulted in the Frank P. Zeidler Humanities Room at Central Library, along with print volumes of all years of the magazines.

The magazines and their original  print indexes are also available at the Milwaukee County Historical Society's Harry H. Anderson Research Library.