Go ahead, be loud in the library. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? But seriously, it’s ok. The old notion of the sleepy, quiet library, the place where the only noise is someone telling you to “shush,” it’s a thing of the past. We’re changing the very definition of a library. And our Library Loud Days (an ongoing series of concerts and events) is part of this change. We’re turning the Milwaukee Public Libraries into lively, vibrant gathering places. Places to converse and explore. Places filled with movies, music, art, e-books, e-mags, laptops, and of course, a couple million books. So come, join us and experience what the new definition of a library is all about. And leave your inside voice behind when you enter.

Thank you for attending the Free Concert & Street Party on July, 28, 2016

Over 1,000 people came through the doors of Central Library last night to hear New Age Narcissism and to rediscover their MPL. Groups of teenagers, families with young children, older couples, Board members, staff with their own families, and many more came through the doors. The energy was amazing. The street party featured the food trucks and dancing in the street to the tunes played by D.J. O. Common Council President and former Board Chairman Ashanti Hamilton helped me welcome the crowd on stage and D.J. Reggie Brown from V-100 introduced the band. NAN was great and LOUD. – City Librarian Paula Kiely

Thanks for the great show, New Age Narcissism!


Relive the Event

Photo Credit: Scott Paulus

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