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Wisconsin Land Ownership Map & Plat Book Index

In the late 19th century, land ownership maps and plat books began to be published throughout the United States.

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Most often created by private companies, these resources show the names of individual owners of land parcels. Land ownership maps and plat books are useful to genealogists, house historians, surveyors, and environmental researchers.

The Milwaukee Public Library has an extensive collection of plat books and maps showing property ownership for the entire state of Wisconsin. These land ownership books and maps range from 1858 until the present. While the library’s collection includes all of the state’s seventy-two counties, not every county is represented in every year. 

The following index lists the Wisconsin land ownership map and plat book holdings that are part of the library’s collection. The index is arranged alphabetically by name of county. Each entry includes the name of the county covered and the year during which the map or book was published. Also included are the call number and location code, which assist the librarian in locating the volume within the collection.

All of the Wisconsin land ownership maps and plat books are kept in the Frank P. Zeidler Humanities Room, located on the second floor of Central Library. These items are for reference use only and cannot be checked out of the library. Please call the Humanities Department at (414) 286-3061 with any questions about the collection.