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Eat Your Heart Out with Morro & Jasp

By MPL Staff on Mar 8, 2014 4:54 PM

morrojasp.jpgChances are, you've never heard of Morro and Jasp. They just so happen to be two colorful and kooky Canadian clowns (say that three times fast) that have been delighting audiences for several years; not to mention the fact they've also been winning awards and accolades at a variety of Fringe Festivals. A collaborative act between performers Heather Marie Annis (Morro, as in 'Tommorow' without the To) and Amy Lee (Jasp, and not the lead singer of Evanescence) as well as director Byron Laviolette, Eat Your Heart Out with Morro & Jasp is their first book, and it is an absolute delight. So for those of you I've not already lost on the sheer concept of 'cookbook created by Canadian clowns', let me tell you more about this charming culinary codex. Instead of sections based on main ingredient or even cooking style, Morro and Jasp (as the authors are the clowns, not the performers) have chosen to break up the book by emotion. Lazy, playful, romantic (followed immediately by heartbroken, of course), each section comes with a variety of recipes. Some of the recipes are more for comedy than cooking (the Sexy Seductive Souffle is the funniest of the lot, and consequently is also the most inedible), but they all please in their own way. Mixed in with the recipes are a variety of silly poems, cartoons drawn in the margins, pages from Morro and Jasp's diaries, all sorts of great little bits that really pile on the unique charm of it all. So for those of you who like your cooking to come with a heaping helping of fun, why not check out Eat Your Heart Out with Morro & Jasp? It's sure to put a smile on your face, assuming you don't suffer from Coulrophobia. Tim @ Central

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