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Kaleidoscope Newspaper Index

The Kaleidoscope was an underground newspaper published in Milwaukee from 1967 to 1971.  


Access the Index

The index offers a time capsule of the colorful counter culture movement in Milwaukee. The actual newspapers are preserved in microfilm format and can be requested for viewing and printing at the Central Library Periodicals Desk.  For additional information about the Kaleidoscope newspaper, please contact the Periodicals  Department by phone at 414-286-3073 or electronically via the "Ask a Question" options on the right side of this page. (See below for a link to digitized copies of this title at UWM Libraries.)

MPL's Kaleidoscope index covers: Volume One, Issues 1 thru 26 (October 6-19, 1967 through November 8-21, 1968)

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries have digitized the complete run of Kaleidoscope and has made the issues available as a digital collection on their website: Kaleidoscope, 1967-1971