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WISDEX Source List

A list of sources indexed in WISDEX, a Wisconsin biographical index that is useful to local history and genealogy reserachers. This online source list provides links to MPL's holdings of indexed sources as well as links to online full-text versions of sources, if available.

Access the WISDEX source list

WISDEX is a Wisconsin biographical index that is consulted frequently by local history and genealogy researchers. At MPL it is housed in the Frank P. Zeidler Humanities Room at Central Library: 920.0775 W332W  Ask staff at the desk to retrieve the index volumes from behind the reference desk for you to consult in the room.

Compiled by Darlene Waterstreet over the course of 25+ years and published by Badger Infosearch in 2002, WISDEX indexes 199 separate titles, many of which are multi-volume works, and includes tens of thousands of individual name entries.

To use WISDEX for historical or genealogical research, look for a name and note the code(s) and number(s) listed next to that name. The alphabetic code refers to the source in which a reference appeared; it is usually followed by a page number within that source. Multi-volume works may include a volume number appended to their source code. To better understand how to use WISDEX, consult the introductory material in the first volume of the index. A brief excerpt of this information may be found in the WISDEX description on our website.

"A code, based on the title of the book, was assigned to each indexed resource. An alphabetical list of all codes appears after the index."

The code list in the print edition of WISDEX has been transcribed into this online list and annotated with CountyCat online catalog links to the sources available in the print collection of MPL, primarily at Central Library. Some sources are not found in MPL's collection as of 2021. Where possible, online full-text versions for sources have been linked instead of or in addition to MPL’s holdings information. For the handful of titles not available at MPL or online in full-text, the researcher is invited to consult Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, Wisconsin. Other libraries or historical societies around the state may also hold some of these sources, especially those of nearby local or regional interest.

For further details about using WISDEX, see the WISDEX description or consult the introductory materials in the print volume itself.