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Central Library Art Gallery

At the top of the grand staircase, the Central Library Art Gallery hosts a selection of paintings on loan from the Milwaukee Art Museum’s permanent collection. The exhibit features a selection of works of Milwaukee Scenes.

  • A Veil of Snow (Oil on canvas, ca. 1910) by George Raab (1866-1943)
  • The Milwaukee River (Oil on canvas, 1914-1918) by Charles Paul Gruppe (1860-1940)
  • East State Street (Oil on Masonite panel, 1940) by Joseph Friebert (1908-2002)
  • Blue Cloth (or No. 2 Studio Still Life (Oil on canvas, cardboard mounted n.d.) by Hulda Rotier Fischer (1893-1982)
  • Under the Viaduct (Oil on heavy cardboard panel, n.d.) by Alfred George Pelikan (1893-1987)
  • Sixth Ward Baseball (Oil on Masonite panel, 1959) by Joseph Friebert (1908–2002)
  • Milwaukee Junkyard (Oil on Masonite panel,1946–47) by Joseph Friebert (1908-2002)
  • Foundry (Oil on Masonite panel, 1959) by Charles Winstaley Thwaites (1904-2002)
  • Tenements at Night (Oil on Masonite panel, 1948) by Joseph Friebert (1908–2002)
  • Waiting for the 400 (Oil on Masonite, 1937) by Gerrit V. Sinclair (1890–1955)
  • Houses and Shacks (Oil on canvas, 1929) by Robert von Neumann Sr. (1888–1976)
  • Tenement, Milwaukee Third Ward (Oil on Masonite, 1943) by Gerrit V. Sinclair (1890-1955)