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Help your students join the Super Reader Squad!

(for students grade 6 and younger)
(7th to 12th grade educators check out our Teen Summer Challenge)

Below are resources to help your students continue reading 
and learning all summer long.

It’s fun, free, and easy!

Super Reader Squad Promotional Tool Kit for Schools and Educators:


  • Share summer learning info with your students and their families. Use our toolkit above as a starting point.
  • Students can sign up at any Milwaukee Public Library or online.
  • All reading counts. Independent reading, read-alouds, audiobooks, etc.
  • Encourage teens to participate in our Teen Summer Challenge.


  • Encourage families to visit the Milwaukee Public Library!
  • Your connection with your students is invaluable. An encouraging check-in from a caring adult who knows them can go a long way towards helping a child continue reading and learning over the summer. Consider following up with families to ask how students are doing with summer reading.
  • Sign up for MPL's adult summer reading program, Book by Book.


Summer Reading makes a huge difference when children go back to school!

Children can lose up to 3 months in reading skills over the summer. This loss can add up, leaving some children years behind as they get older.

  • Children who read over the summer do better in school.
  • Children as young as infants should be read to by a parent or caregiver.
  • Libraries have lots of free digital resources available to help students read, create, & discover.
  • Library staff is dedicated to motivating children to read! Check out our calendar of events so we can stay connected.