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Bird Box by Josh Malerman - Don't Open Your Eyes!

By MPL Staff on Nov 3, 2014 12:49 PM

Consider Ebola. First, so far away and remote, in Liberia. Then, spreading to other countries. Now a case in Texas. One in New York. People start to pay attention. People start to fear. People start to take precautions. In Bird Box, the threat is “the Russia Report,” a grisly series of events making headlines on the Internet. But these events are taking place so far away and remote, in Russia.  Then, on television, reports of something happening in Alaska. And soon, an incident in Michigan. Four years pass and a young woman named Malorie and her two children are the sole surviving occupants of a boarded up abode that used to be a nice house in a nice suburb outside of Detroit. It’s October in Michigan and it’s cold. Hardly the ideal day for a twenty mile boat trip down the river. But Malorie wonders how much longer she can protect her four-year-olds by herself, and there is a fog this morning that may help protect them as they go blindfolded, always blindfolded, to the river and to the rowboat and to their one chance of salvation. Told with exquisite suspense, this debut novel by Josh Malerman is a spine tingler. 

Anna W @ Central

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