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Beyond the Bike

By Josh Ashing on Jun 17, 2024 12:00 AM

We're excited to announce a new initiative to promote a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle! Milwaukee Public Library will be lending out bike locks that will be available at Central Library & all City Library Branches!

Safety is paramount when it comes to cycling. The Milwaukee Public Library understands that not all patrons have immediate access to a good bike lock to protect their investment. Whether you are a student commuting to class, a parent running errands, or a resident simply eager to explore Milwaukee, access to a reliable bike lock offers peace of mind to those visiting the Milwaukee Public Library.

How It Works

Borrowing a bike lock from the library is as easy as borrowing a book!

1. Have an Active Library Card: Ensure you have an active library account. If you don't have one, our friendly library staff can assist you in signing up.

2. Browse and Borrow: Visit the library and head to the circulation desk. Inquire about our available bike locks. Patrons are given a wristlet with the lock key to wear while the lock is being used.

3. Loan Period: You can borrow a bike lock for the duration of your visit. Bike locks are for use on library property only and may not leave the premises.

4. Return with Ease: Once you're done with the bike lock, return it to the front desk before you leave. Late fees may apply for overdue items.

While you're at the library using a bike lock, why not explore the wealth of resources Milwaukee Public Library has to offer for biking enthusiasts? Check out our collection of books on biking, covering everything from maintenance tips to thrilling biking adventures. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, our library has something for everyone.

Adult Non-Fiction:

101 Things to Do in Milwaukee Parks by Barbara Ali

Biking Wisconsin by Steve Johnson

Road Biking Wisconsin
by M. Russ Lowthian





Cycling For Everyone by Leah Garcia & Jilayne Lovejoy

Infographic Guide to Cycling by Road Cycling UK

Fifty Places To Bike Before You Die by Chris Santella



Children’s Non-Fiction:

The Brave Cyclist by Amalia Hoffman

Wheels of Change by Sue Macy





Bicycle Safety by Lucia Raatma

Bicycle Safety by Lisa Herrington




Looking to connect with other biking enthusiasts in the community? The library is a hub for information and social connections. Keep an eye out for upcoming biking events, workshops, or clubs that may be happening at your local library branch. Share your biking experiences, exchange tips, and maybe even find a new biking buddy!

Fix It Clinic: Bike Repair Edition

Bring your bicycle to select library locations for minor repairs like new inner tubes or brake adjustments, free of charge! Mechanics from the Wisconsin Bike Federation will provide tips and tricks to keep your bike in good condition all summer long. In case of inclement weather, the program will be moved inside.

The Milwaukee Public Library is also a designated location for bike registration & license sticker distribution. Bike registration is free for all City of Milwaukee residents and helps with bike and owner identification, in the case of theft.

City of Milwaukee Free Bicycle Registration & License

Discover the best bike trails in and around Milwaukee with the help of our trail guides. From scenic routes for a leisurely ride to challenging paths for the adventurous, Milwaukee has a diverse range of biking trails waiting to be explored. Grab a trail map, plan your route, and embark on a biking adventure right from our library.


City of Milwaukee Interactive Bike Map

Milwaukee Bike Infrastructure Map

Milwaukee County Interactive Bike Map

Milwaukee Bublr Bike Location Map

Request a City Bike Rack

Ready to embark on a literary journey while your bike takes a breather?

The introduction of bike locks at Milwaukee Public Library reflects our commitment to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. By providing access to bike locks, we hope to make biking a more convenient and enjoyable experience for our patrons. Remember to ride safely, explore the resources available at the library, and share your biking passion with our community. We appreciate your continued support & patronage.

Visit the Milwaukee Public Library, where every pedal brings you closer to unlocking new worlds. Lock, roll, and library on, dear readers! Happy cycling! 

Please Note: Regardless of whether a library bike lock is used, the Milwaukee Public Library is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged bicycles.

How to Lock Your Bike

If you don't lock your bike properly it can be vulnerable to theft. Make sure you lock both the frame and the front wheel of your bike. 

  • Take a quick release front wheel with you or take it off and lock it up to the frame. 
  • Always lock your rear wheel, frame and front wheel — cable lock your seat for extra protection.
  • Secure the lock tightly — don't leave any room for a lever or crowbar to pry the lock open. 
  • Always take accessories (lights, bottles, computers, bags, bells ect.) with you or lock them to your bike. 
  • Use locking skewers and bolts for your wheels, seatpost, headset and brakes. 
  • Never lock only your front wheel, handlebars, seatpost, top or head tube.
  • Don't rely on a bolt or screw to hold down anything — wrenches and screwdrivers are common tools.

Where to Lock Your Bike

Where you lock your bike is just as important as what you lock your bike with. 

  • Park at bicycle racks, sign- fence- light- posts, parking meters, gas mains or mature trees.
  • Properly secure it to a fixed location that can't be lifted up and away. 
  • Keep the bike within your view or within the view of the front door.
  • Don't lock your bike overnight in an unfamiliar neighborhood without multiple locks. 

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